So here goes. I’ve procastinated from building my own personal blog for about 9 years, so now I’m super excited to be starting.

9 years. Holy cow. Back in 2011 I was just discovering digital marketing after being an unemployed art school graduate. I was still struggling to make rent, I hadn’t travelled “for fun” since I was a kid, and I could only dream of having a location independent/digital lifestyle.

I wish I’d documented that journey from 2011 to 2020, where I run my own business while living comfortably in Thailand (as comfortably as anyone can during Covid). I’ve spent 4 years helping people change their lives, get jobs in digital marketing, and experience location independence and financial freedom. (And avoid the costly mistake of student debt). Money aside, I’m happier, more grounded and centered in who I am, and generally more optimistic about the future.

This is through many years of trial and error, failures, adventures, triumps, loneliness, love, pain, and relentless personal growth work.

I’ve been blessed to have a pretty exciting and unusual life, so I’ve been told. I wasn’t someone who got a job and started a family right out of high school or college. I’m not “The Wolf of Wall Street” or anything crazy like that, but it’s always been interesting. Some examples:

  • I currently live in Ko Samui, an island off the coast of Thailand.
  • I Produced and Directed a real feature film in 2017 called “Wally Got Wasted.”
  • I used to live on Maui where I slept in my car, delivered pizzas, and worked on the top of the Haleakalah crater.
  • I’ve practiced a form of touchless healing that helped many people relieve physical pains instantly.
  • I used to be a Licensed Massage Therapist

And a lot more. I’ve also done personal growth work during that entire time. What does that mean? I was constantly pushing my own comfort zone for the sake of growth and to free myself from social and family patterns.

So I figured I would start to share myself and my experiences more widely with a blog.

My vision is to create an immersive world, a place where you can get lost and find inspiration, imagination, and unique information. I always treasured finding a new author or blog with a voice that resonated with me and helped stimulate my mind and spirit. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to achieve that but I’d like to try.

So I’m going to do a few experiments.

Part of this blog will be a normal blog blog. My goal is to write something every day, just to get something out there. That will include thoughts and ideas but also my life as a digital nomad.

Another part of the blog will be inspired by my desire to write articles about topics that answer peoples questions and concerns. I’ll write about being a digital nomad, location independence, digital marketing, making money from your passion, websites, travel… and also personal growth, law of attraction, emotions, love, truth, finding inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Yet another part of the blog will be my attempt to archive and catalog all of the stories and experiences I can remember. I recently looked at my Dropbox photo and video backup and I realized it goes all the way back to 2014! That’s 6 years of memories I really haven’t ever looked before. I started to look at some of the pics and it brought back a lot of old feelings, and some excitement to share these stupid little anecdotes from my life.

And finally — I am considering using the blog as a place to release and publish some of my books. I wrote a book called “Skip College for Success” back in 2019 and I was so proud of it and happy to help young people find alternatives to the debt and waste of college. However the book is now sitting on Amazon and I really haven’t promoted it much. I think it would be more fulfilling to publish the whole thing online and give it away.

I have a half written novel called “Witches Be Crazy” and some Screenplays and old sketches I never published before either.

I’m thinking of just mushing all of this stuff together into one crazy motely mess of a blog and seeing how it goes.

Hopes you enjoy!