Last year my plan was to spend all of 2020 in Thailand, likely in Chiang Mai in the North. I’ve been a Digital Nomad for 4 years and I wanted to truly take advantage of my laptop based business for the first time. However due to the terrible air quality and problem with burning crops, my girlfriend and retreated to an island in the south called Koh Samui.

I didn’t plan on being stuck here – unable to fly internationally or even wanting to risk flying domestically.

But man, what a place to be stuck!

We live in a part of the island called Maenam, which I think has the best beach around. The Gulf of Thailand is incredibly shallow, so most of the beaches on the island have such a low tide that the water retreats and it’s just soggy beach for hundreds of yards. Not very appealing. But in the north, in Maenam, the water levels are shallow but steady and it leads to some of the best swimming you’ll ever find.

Often the Ocean is like a Lake — so mild and calm you can see the sky and clouds reflected on it’s placid surface. Very mild waves.

Yesterday we were treated to some beautiful clouds covering the sun making amazing shapes, and a thunderstorm in the distance. I was so moved I decided to take a video.

When I lived in Los Angeles, I lived about 3 miles from the beach. I’d go there nearly every other night just to enjoy the energy of the water, it seemed to wash away my stress even though it was too cold to be comfortable.

But here on Koh Samui, the water is perfect, over 75 degrees. Every time I jump into the water I feel baptized by the tropical beauty. Any stress I am feeling, any anxious thoughts actually do get washed away.

I believe it’s the ocean water itself, the salt water, it really has a therapeutic affect. I thought I’d get tried of it at some point, but it’s honestly like taking a shower, something I feel I need regularly.

We go to the beach nearly every day on our Electric Bikes.  Funny story – I bought them in Bangkok when the Covid Pandmeic was reaching its peak. I had just flown to Laos in the morning and back in the afternoon to get a new Visa — they almost didn’t let me back into the country! And my girlfriend had to get a new passport as hers was filled up.

I flew to Laos from BKK and flew back into DMK. It was the only way to avoid sitting in the Laos airport for 6 hours. So I had to take a Grab back to our hotel, and on the way I found this Electric Bike Shop. I fell in love with both of these bikes. A Classic European Road Bike for her and a Mountain Bike with 800 Watt Motor for me.

My bike can go up to 45 KMH on flat surfaces and it is a thrill to ride around the mountain roads. I love riding bikes with my girlfriend to the beach and around the island.

Now that restrictions are slowly being relaxed, a few spas have reopened. Of course since there are hardly any tourists or foreigners, they are not busy! That’s good news for those us stuck on the island. Today we went to a spa in Bophut that was almost completely empty of any hotel guests or other guests.

Because of the fierce Tropical sun, we cover up with windbreakers hats and our face masks and ride around looking like bank robbers on our bikes. The windbreakers are hot, but it’s worth it to be protected from the sun. We arrive at the spa sweaty and ready to be pampered. We had the whole place to ourselves, got 60 minute massages and paid half price.

I’m so grateful this is where we happened to be when Thailand shut down its borders a few months ago. I can’t think of a clever way to tie this all together so I’ll just end the blog post and hope you enjoyed the video of the ocean.