I’ve found that ever since I’ve become self employed, I’ve also become more self absorbed. I think this is a natural result of the constant pressure one feels as their own boss. When I was working at an agency, I remember looking forward to my lunch hour and breaks when I could goof around with co-workers. My stress was limited to whatever project I was doing at the time. And when it was time to go home for the night, I forgot about work.

As an Entrepeneur, I’ve experienced success, fulfillment, accomplishments, and freedom I couldn’t have imaged before. But on some level, I’m always “on.” That leads to a kind of edginess. I sometimes feel like Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Revenant,” stumbling half dead through the snow determined to get revenge.  Okay, maybe not that bad. I’ve never been mauled by a bear. But sometimes Entrepeneurship feels that way. Like, if your website crashes at 2AM there’s nobody to fix it but you.

What It Sometimes Feels Like to Be an Entrepeneur

                     What It Sometimes Feels Like to Be an Entrepeneur

Now, I’m being a little dramatic because normally, my life and business model is actually pretty chill and low maintenance. But I go through cycles where I’m in action, and that means being laser focused like running a marathon.

And there’s that constant pressure. And inside of it – it’s very difficult to thing of anything else.

So today, I decided to flip a switch and build a website funnel for my girlfriend. I have a lot of things to do in my own business, and as much as I am skilled at building funnels, I don’t really like sitting down at the computer and clicking all the buttons. I like the strategy.

My girlfriend is a brilliant and expereinced Universal Healing Tao instructor. She has studied with Master Mantak Chia, a respected teacher of ancient Taoist practices.  And she had the good fortune of studying with Thich Nach Hahn, the revered Zen Monk from Vietnam who was known for being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luterh King Jr. and his decades of work for world peace.

My girlfriend is fantastic at helping people relax, release and rebalance their emotions and their physical bodies. But she doesn’t know much about funnel or websites. And since we have been on quarantine, she hasn’t been able to practice any bodywork or get many clients, as she is a very in person kind of networker.

I’ve known I probably should help her for a couple of months, but have been too absorbed in running my own business. My logic is simple: my business brings in the income, so it requires 100% of my focus. But the last month or so has given me the gift of some great lesson about time, money, caring, and priorities.

So I just woke up at 7AM and began designing her this funnel with Kartra.

We recorded some videos of her doing these powerful Taoist exercises called “The Six Healing Sounds” back in March. The Six Healing sounds, or Power Sounds as we are calling them, are incredibly effective at relieving emotional stress.

So I put together a simple landing page and a free mini course page delivering the videos. You can see the lander and mini course page here.

Healind Sounds with An Julie

All in all I spent about 6 hours of intense focus on this project. I forgot to exercise, walk, or even get up I was so committed to her getting new clients and experiencing the joy I know she feels in helping people. (6 hours to set up the landing page, course page, edit the video, built the follow up email sequence, build a custom email, and connect her scheduling software which I also setup. Whew!)

I do love it when a quality product is given the quality packaging and communication it deserves. Another post on that in the future. Not that the page is super spectacular, but it provides the basic framework any business needs to provide value and generate a lead.

And her potential joy made it very joyous for me to create this website for her. Even the fact that she wanted me to help her, her willingness to put herself out there, made me feel good.

I was completely focused on her feelings and her experience, and it felt so damn good.

After 6 hours I needed a break and we went to the ocean.

A little selfish voice in my head said, “That’s six hours you could’ve been working on content marketing or ads for your course.” Kind of embarassing to share here really. I’m glad I ignored that voice, it’s not easy to do. Somehow the entrepeneurial drive can convince you that the bottom line really is the bottom line.

Whether she gets any leads or clients from the mini funnel is irrelevant. The simple act of focusing on her needs and goals for most of the day brought us closer together. I can tell she was really excited, and I am excited for any potential clients she may reach because of these simple web pages.

Having spent the entire day focused on someone else made me feel lighter and more relaxed about my own business.

It also made it a lot easier for me to enjoy the beautiful Ocean. I’ll do another post about that pretty soon.