Your mind is constantly devouring every single piece of input that it gets. We forget this all the time.

Today, I found myself feeling down, slow, and blocked up today. I couldn’t quite figure out why.

Then I realized: it’s because I’ve been feeding my mind absolutely crap for the past few weeks.

During quarantine I’ve been consuming a mixture of news and Netflix mixed in with a few videos by Thich Nach Hahn on love and meditation. Every 5 days or so. But the feature attraction has been pop culture, tv shows, and news.

I completely stopped tuning into any kind of personal development.

So I turned on a video by Steve Pavlina talking about Subjective Reality.

Steve is a personal hero of mine, who I actually had the pleasure of meeting in person a few years back. Steve runs, one of the most popular personal development websites on the internet, and it’s been around since 2004.

Steve is the real deal. Authentic, creative, insightful, compassionate. And he makes a hell of a lot of money through his blog, though thats’ the last thing he would ever talk about.

Just listening to Steve talk instantly changed my mood and awareness. His vibe and way of being is very deep, he’s a seeker like me. And his intention in the videos you can tell is to enlighten and connect and raise people up.

In the videos he talked a lot about Abundance Consciousness — something I was writing about earlier in the day, a funny story of how I manifested an amazing new shower using Law of Attraction back in 2014. As I was writing it I was not really connected to the story itself.

Abundance Consciousness is how I changed my life from being broke in 2011 to making six figures in 2014. It was the process of 150% inundating absorbing myself in a completely new way of thinking and relating to the world. I took my mindset to be the most important thing in existence. I listened to a certain personal growth CD nonstop all day, 14 hours a day for weeks at a time.

And things in my life began to change. I’ll talk about that another time.

But today, in 2020, years after I made a gigantic paradigm shift into a new kind of life… I was feeling pretty disconnected and numb from all the magic and wonder available in the world.

It’s because I forgot that my mind needs foodAll the time. And I can either feed it junk food, or grade A organic food.

As soon as I switched over from watching Netflix to listening to Steve talk about the power of our minds to influence reality, everything shifted. I felt calmer, more aware, more excited. My imagination switched back on. I began to remember things I wanted to do that I had forgotten.

This had a huge impact on the rest of my day, even until now. I was inspired by Steve’s commitment to trying new things and treating life as an experiment – it causes me to even write this blog post, to make sure I did it before I went to bed because I want to stick with my goal of doing at least 1 a day for 30 days.

When you tune into the News in particular, or really any piece of media, any person… it’s like eating a bit of their vibration.

The News is like chugging a bottle of shit flavored pickles.  And that’s what most of us are consuming, and it has a pretty devastating effect.

Your Mind is so sensitive, it resonates with vibrations we aren’t even aware of. When you watch the news you are tuning into an entire worldview that is so shitty and full of anger and frustration and fear. It’s hard to be creative in the presence of this vibe. I’ll write more about that later.

But my point is to be aware of what you are feeding your Mind. And if you’re feeding it junk food — give it a break. Hey – I love Netflix and watching “How I Met Your Mother” with my girlfriend. It’s a great way to unwind. But if I overdo it, like watching 6 episodes in a row…I feel sick.

And if I don’t feed myself something to stimulate my intellect, my spirit, my imagination – something to expand my vibration and challenge me… I also feel sick. So tuning into Steve was like a breath mint and a veggie shake for my brain.

I can really see just how easy it is to fall asleep and numb out and forget that your mind is picking up signals all the time.

Even now I’m a little lazy when I choose to make sure that I am aware of what I put into my mind tomorrow. To make sure I spend 20 minutes MINIMUM listening to something inspiring or thought provoking.

Your mental body is like your physical body. It needs food and it needs exercise all the time, and if you provide it with good quality of both you will get a great, sharp, wonderful mind that supports you. And if you don’t, you’ll feel like you ate a “fuckit bucket” (slang for a giant bucket filled with candy to consume when one is depressed.)

So that’s my takeaway from today.

The Subjective Reality thing is awesome, but I’ll write about that tomorrow.